Tile View vs. List View

This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Viewer Developer

Several of the Customer Insights spaces feature an icon that looks like this:

This icon enables you to toggle between list view and tile view. In list view, items are displayed in, well, a list:

Click the icon, however, and items are displayed in tile view instead:

Oh, and note that the icon changes shape when you switch to tile view:

So what’s the difference between list view and tile? To be honest, the difference is largely a matter of aesthetics. For example, in list view you’ll see a gear icon next to each item; click that icon, and – depending on your space permissions – you’ll have several options available to you:

And what if you’re in tile view? In that case, simply hover the mouse over an item. Do that, and you’ll see the same gear icon, and the same set of options:

List view? Tile view? It’s all a matter of taste.