The Registration Flows Page

REST API Equivalent: You can use the /config/{app}/flows endpoint to return the names of all your flows and the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/versions endpoint to return the versions for each flow.

The Registration Flows page is your starting point for flow management. From there you can view the names and current version numbers for all your flows; you can also select an individual flow and do such thing as: 1) access the complete version history for the flow; 2) copy the flow; 3) promote the flow to a different app; or, 4) delete the flow. The page itself looks similar to this, with your flows listed in alphabetical order:

To perform one of the afore-mentioned actions on a flow, click the Actions icon located next to the appropriate flow (the Actions icon is simply three dots stacked on top of one another):

After that, just click the action you want to take:

Note that you must click the Actions icon in order to do anything on the Registration Flows page. If you click anywhere else (say, on the flow name or the flow version), nothing will happen. 

The Registration Flows page also provides options for searching for specific flows which is covered elsewhere in this documentation.