The Audit Logs Tab in the Manage Agents Section

You can also access audit data from the Manage Agents section. To do that, click Manage Agents and then, from Manage Agents page, click an agent name:

You’ll then see an Audit Logs tab that looks a lot like the Audit Logs page:

From here, you can return any type of audit data: client setting changes, flow promotions, agent role updates, user profile modifications. However, the data returned only reflects the actions carried out by the specified agent. For example, suppose you go to the Manage Agents page, click on Greg Stemp’s agent account, and then click Audit Logs. Any audit data you return at that point will represent actions carried out by Greg Stemp, and only by Greg Stemp:

If you want to see actions carried out by Terrance O’Reilly then you’ll have to access Terrance’s agent account and go from there.

Which brings us back to the Audit Logs page. From the Audit Logs page, you can search for anything; in fact, you can even search for everything. That’s because, on this page, there are no preset filters. You can filter by action type or agent name or the date that an event took place, but you don’t have to. Among other things, that means that you can look for audit data regarding any user profile, and for actions carried out by any Console agent.

In other words:

  • If you’re only interested in user profile changes that have been made to a specific user account, a quick and easy way to do that is to access the appropriate user profile and then click the Audit Data tab. This is also the go-to place if you’re interested in audit data that includes before and after values for user profile changes.
  • If you’re only interested in actions (of any kind) carried out by a specific Console agent, a quick and easy way to do that is to access the appropriate agent account and then click the Audit Logs tab.
  • For other Console user audit logs searches, access the Audit Logs page. (And if you want to, you can do either of the first two tasks from that page as well.)