Supported Web Browsers

For access to Hosted Login, the Akamai Identity Cloud supports the latest version of the following web browsers (using the most-recent version of a web browser increases your browsing safety and security, and provides optimal performance):

What about Internet Explorer? You might have noticed that, in the list of supported web browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer has been crossed out. That's because, as of November 1, 2020, Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser for Hosted Login. This means that we won't test new Hosted Login features and functions against, nor will we guarantee support for, Internet Explorer. However, this doesn't mean that Hosted Login will immediately stop working with IE; most Hosted Login features should continue to work on Internet Explorer for some time (although the experience may be degraded).

For more information on why support for Internet Explorer has been discontinued, click here.

For access to other Identity Cloud products, the latest versions of the following browsers are supported:

If you have difficulty accessing an Identity Cloud site, you should: 1) verify that you are using one of the web browsers listed above; and, 2) verify that you are using the latest version of that browser. To verify your browser version, point that browser towards; the moment you hit the website you'll see a message similar to the following: