Modify Social Login Application Settings

Endpoint URL: {socialLoginDomain} /api/v2/set_app_settings


Enables you to make API calls to set the following application properties (from the application settings page of the dashboard).

  • privacy policy — This URL is sent with requests for registration data and is displayed by the identity provider as a link to the user.
  • favicon — The URL of your favicon, which can be displayed by some identity providers during authentication.
  • domain redirect — This feature is only available for enterprise level apps and apps owned by Akamai Identity Cloud partners. A URL redirect destination for users visiting your sign-in url (such as,
  • one-time use auth_info tokens — Tokens for the auth_info API call can be used only once.
  • google profile url — Return users' globally unique Google profile URLs as the identifier element in the auth_info API call response instead of the OpenID URL.

Separate settings in the set_app_settings call with an ampersand (&). So the query:

sets privacyPolicy, favicon, and googleProfileUrl.

Respects the API Client Allow List: No

Accepted Content-types

  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • multipart/form-data


This endpoint uses your social login API key for authentication. This key can be found on the Settings page of the Social Login Dashboard.

Base URL

The base URL for this endpoint is your application domain followed by /api/v2; for example:

You can find your application domain in the Social Login (Engage Dashboard) on the Settings page:

Example Request

This command updates three application settings (privacyPolicy, favicon, and googleProfileUrl) for the social login application 1234567891234567891234567891234567891234.

curl -X POST \
  --data-urlencode apiKey=1234567891234567891234567891234567891234 \
  --data-urlencode privacyPolicy= \
  --data-urlencode favicon= \
  --data-urlencode googleProfileUrl=true \

      Running this command in Postman

Example Response

  "stat": "ok"

Query Parameters

apiKeystringYesSocial Login API key. This key can be found on the Social Login Dashboard.
URL where users are who access your sign-in URL redirected.
URL of your favicon. Favicons are icons that appear on web browser tabs, in a browser's address bar, and next to browser bookmarks.
When set to true, Google Profile URls are returned instead of OpenID Connect URLs. The default value is false.
When set to true, tokens cn only be used once before they expire.
URL to the location of your privacy policy.