API endpoints for managing your Identity Cloud deployment. To learn more about the Identity Cloud REST APIs, click to expand the categories below.

  • Postman Collection
    A quick and easy way to get started with the Identity Cloud REST APIs..
  • Configuration API
    API endpoints for managing key components of the Identity Cloud infrastructure.
  • Entity and Entity Type API
    API endpoints that enable you to manage users (entities) and user profile databases (entity types).
  • Authentication API
    API endpoints that enable you to create and employ such things as authorization codes, access tokens, and verification codes. You can also use this API to register users with or log users on to a website or application, (using either traditional registration/logon or social registration/logon). Note that these are not the authorization endpoints used with Hosted Login. For those endpoints, see the OAuth and OIDC API Reference.
  • Webhooks v3 API
    API endpoints available for use with Webhooks v3. Webhooks v3 provides near-real time notifications of events (such as user account creations or deletions) that take place in your organization.
  • SIEM Event Delivery API
    API endpoints available for use with the SIEM Event Delivery Service. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a recognized standard for collecting, aggregating, and analyzing events within an IT organization.
  • Social API
    API endpoints for managing the social identity providers used for social login and registration.
  • Legacy Clients and Settings API
    "Legacy" API endpoints used for managing applications and API clients (including both application and client settings). Although still supported, we recommend that you use the Configuration API's Clients and Settings endpoints instead.