This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Viewer Developer

The Popular perspective ranks the most-popular Dashboards and Looks based on the number of times those locations have been visited; the Popularity value represents the total number of times that a Dashboard or Look has been viewed by anyone in your organization. For example, suppose Bob has visited a Dashboard 5 times, Mary has visited a Dashboard 3 times, and Manuel has visited a Dashboard 2 times. That Dashboard would have a total of 10 views: 5 + 3 + 2.

The Popular perspective uses “tick marks” to indicate relative popularity of a Dashboard or Look: the more tick marks listed in the Popularity field the more often a location has been viewed:

As noted, however, these tick marks are used to measure relative popularity rather than the actual number of views. For example, if Dashboard A has 14 tick marks and Dashboard B has 7 tick marks, you can say that Dashboard A has received twice as many views as Dashboard B. However, you can’t say that Dashboard A has, say, 1,400 views and Dashboard B has 700 views.

If your organization has enabled the use of groups, you can view Dashboard and Look popularity based on groups rather than on the organization as a whole. To do that, click Filter by group and then click the appropriate group name:

The Popular perspective will then display the most popular Dashboards and Looks based on views for people in the selected group only.

As you might expect, the Popular perspective only lists the Dashboards and Looks that you have access to.