Hosted Login Provisioning: Next Steps

At this point in time you should have a fully-functioning version of Hosted Login at your disposal. So does that mean you're done? To be honest, that's up to you: as the table below shows, there are still plenty of additional (but optional) customizations you can make to Hosted Login. And that table is far from complete: for example, it doesn't mention some of the capabilities (e.g., two-factor and risk-based authentication) that are available if you choose to upgrade to Hosted Login v2.

For a more comprehensive list of the things you can do in Hosted Login, see the article Supported Features.

CustomizationGetting Started GuidesDocumentation
Use CSS to change the look of your Hosted Login screenColors and Other Styles
Adding CSS Stylesheets to Hosted Login
Modify the text of your Hosted Login screensTextHow to Modify the Text of Your Hosted Login Screens
Add new fonts for use on your Hosted Login screensColors and Other Styles
Adding Fonts to Hosted Login
Change the default logo used in Hosted LoginImagesChanging Your Hosted Login Logo
Change the default favicon used in Hosted LoginImages
Changing Your Hosted Login Favicon
Add authorization rules to help manage how (and if) users can log on to Hosted LoginConfigure Privacy & TermsAuthorization Rules
Modify your "transactional emails": emails automatically sent when users do such things as create new accounts or forget their passwords
How to Modify Transactional Emails
Localize your Hosted Login screens
How to Localize the Text of Your Hosted Login Screens
Add custom identity providers to Hosted LoginCustom IDPCustom Provider Overview
Upgrade to Hosted Login v2Upgrade to Hosted Login v2What is Hosted Login v2? (And How Do I Upgrade to It?)