Hosted Login Configuration Videos

The videos found on this page help you configure (and administer) Hosted Login.

Accessing the OIDC Configuration Endpoints

Running Time: 3:09

Calling the OpenID Connect Configuration APIs requires a special kind of access token (typically referred to as a "configuration access token"). The following video explains how to get (and then how to use) one of these tokens.

Adding a Field to a Form

Running Time: 4:08

Want to collect additional information from a user, information that isn't collected by default when that user registers for an account or updates their user profile? This video demonstrates how you can modify your forms to provide a way for the user to provide this information.

Adding a Redirect URI

Running Time: 2:41

Following a successful authentication, you can redirect a user anywhere you want .... provided that the URI you try to send users to is specified in your OIDC login client. This video explains how to add additional redirect URIs to a login client.

Adding a Scope to a Token Policy

Running Time: 3:01

In an authorization request, the scopes parameter specifies the information that will be made accessible from the userinfo endpoint following a successful authentication. You can include any scope you want in your authorization request; however, you can only get back scopes that have been defined in your token policy. The following video shows how to add scopes to a token policy.

Redirecting the "Visit our help center" Link

Running Time: 2:27

You might have noticed that the "Visit our help center" link shown on Hosted Login screens doesn't actually link to anything. This video explains how to fix that.

Modifying Hosted Login Screen Text

Running Time: 2:03

Don't like the wording used on some of your Hosted Login screens? That's fine: all you have to do is change that wording. This video shows you how to do just that.

Configuring Social Login

Running Time: 4:53

Social login enables users to log into your website by using an account they've created on a social login identity provider such as Facebook or Twitter. This video shows you how to configure social login in Hosted Login.

Creating an OIDC Login Client

Running Time: 3:49

Need an OIDC login client? Then you need to watch the following video.

Upgrading to Hosted Login v2

Running Time: 4:38

Currently using Hosted Login v1, but interested in upgrading to Hosted Login v2? This video walks you through the upgrade process.

Using JSON Web Tokens as Access Token

Running Time: 2:41

Hosted Login allows you to use JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) as your access token. The following video shows you how to configure your token policy to ensure that access tokens are issued as JWTs.