Hosted Login 2FA and Trusted Device Videos

If you're running Hosted Login v2, you have the option of enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). With 2FA, users are first authenticated by using their email address and password (or by using social login). Assuming authentication succeeds, those users are sent an access code via email or via text messaging. The user must submit that access code before they can be fully logged on and can be issued an access token.

Enabling and Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

Running Time: 3:16

How to turn on two-factor authentication. And, if you change your mind, how to turn it off.

Registering New Users When Using 2FA

Running Time: 2:55

How does two-factor authentication come into play when a user signs up for a new account? This video takes you through the interaction between account registration and 2FA.

Requiring 2FA Each Time a User Logs On

Running Time: 3:01

By default, users who "trust" a device are able to skip two-factor authentication (at least for a set amount of time). The video explains how you can change this default behavior and require users to go through 2FA each time they log on.

What Happens When You Trust a Device?

Running Time: 2:52

When a user goes through two-factor authentication, they're given they option to "Trust this device for future logins." What does that mean? This video shows you.

Changing Your Mobile Device Number

Running Time: 0:55

Changing your mobile device number in Hosted Login v2 isn't quite the same as changing your mobile device number in Hosted Login v2. Here's how things works in v2.