General Management Questions

A few frequently-asked questions regarding the Console. Just click a question to reveal the answer.

Point your web browser towards and then log on using the same credentials you use to log on to the Dashboard. If you're in China, log in here:

That usually means that you’ve been assigned a role that doesn't give you access to the Manage Agents link. That link is only visible to specific roles (and, by extension, specific agents).

For more information about agents and agent roles, see Console Roles and Permissions.

That means that you haven’t been assigned a Console role. You need to be assigned a role before you can do anything in the Console.

For more information about agents and agent roles, see Console Roles and Permissions.

Yes, there is. In fact, not only can you display any attribute you want in the search results, but you can also display those attributes in any order that you want. All you have to do is modify the user_search_display_fields setting.

For information on how to modify this setting, see Modifying the Search Display Fields.

Yes. (Well, yes but ….) If an attribute has been indexed, you can sort user profiles on that attribute simply by clicking the appropriate column header (for example, Last Name). However, that only applies to attributes that have been indexed; if your search results display an unindexed attribute (such as is not indexed. If you want to sort on a user’s city, you’ll need to have the attribute indexed. And to do that, you’ll need to contact your Akamai representative. Currently neither the Console nor the Dashboard provides a way for you to index attributes yourself.

For more information on sorting the search results, see Viewing Profiles on the Manage Profiles Page. And for more information on indexed attributes, see What You Can Search On.

You can’t: allowing administrators to set user passwords is not a security best practice. The only password-related activity you can carry out is to access the user’s profile and click Send Password. That sends the user an email that includes a link to a page where they can create their own password.

For more information on setting/resetting user passwords, see Resetting a User Password.

Delete Profile is found at the bottom of each user profile:

That said, you won’t see Delete Profile unless you hold the appropriate Console role. Some users can view and modify profiles, but they can can’t create or delete profiles.

Incidentally, user profiles must be deleted one-by-one. At the moment, there is no way (at least not in the Console or the Dashboard) to select a number of profiles and delete all of them in a single operation.

For more information on agents and agent roles, see Console Roles and Permissions.