FAQ: Managing Agents

A few frequently-asked questions regarding the Console. Just click a question to reveal the answer.

Yes, there is, although there are some limitations on your ability to place these limits, starting with this: you can only restrict agent access to profiles based on the value of a single attribute (per entity type). For example, if you want to allow an agent to only access profiles from Canada, you can select primaryAddress.country as the “distinguisher field” and then configure Canada as one of the distinguisher values. When configuring the agent’s account, all you have to do is specify that the agent in question can only access profiles where the primaryAddress.country attribute is set to Canada.


As noted, however, you can only select one such distinguisher field, and this attribute must apply to an entire entity type. What if you wanted to limit some agents to accessing profiles only from Canada and wanted to limit other agents to accessing profiles only from Mexico? That’s fine; you can do that because you only need to work with one attribute (primaryAddress.country). But what if you wanted to limit some agents to only accessing profiles from Canada, and limit other agents to only accessing profiles from the state of Oregon? That’s something that you can’t do, because that requires two distinguisher fields (primaryAddress.country and primaryAddress.stateAbbreviation). The Console only allows you to specify a single distinguisher field.

For more information on limiting access to profiles, see Restricting Agent Activity by Profile Type.

Well, from within the Console you can’t, not unless you want to print each web page that includes agent information. However, you can export the agent data, load the exported data into an application that can read and format comma-separated value (CSV) files, and then print the agent data from there.

For more information on exporting agent data, see Exporting Agent Data.

In this case, yes. The problem you’re running into is the fact that the Manage Agents page uses a very simple, very rudimentary type of searching. When you type the letter e, the Console doesn’t search for agents who have an email address that starts with the letter e; instead, it searches for agents who have that letter anywhere in their email address or display name. (Not just at the beginning, but anywhere.) For example, if you type ed you’ll see email addresses like ed.smith@janrain.com or edith.smith@janrain.com; you’ll also see email addresses like ann.smith@janrain.edu or display names like Fred Smith.

Is there a way to work around this issue? Not really; about the best you can do is export all your agent data, then use a different program to sift through the exported information.

For more information on filtering your list of agents, see Filtering for Agents.