Flow Actions

Each flow listed on the Registration Flows page includes a column labeled Actions, and each flow has its own Actions icon, an icon that looks like this:

Clicking the Actions icon displays the different things that you can do with a given flow (note that the actions available to you will vary depending on your Console role):

These actions include the following:

  • Edit. Takes you to the Edit page, which provides a more in-depth look at a flow and its prior versions, including an audit log of the changes that have been made to the flow. From the Edit page you can also “restore” a flow. Restoring a flow means copying a previous version of a flow and then making that copy the latest version of the flow.
  • Copy. Creates a copy of the selected flow. Note that you can only create this copy within the same application. If you want to copy a flow to a different application, use the Promote option instead.
  • Promote. Copies a flow from one application to another. Typically this option is used to copy a flow from a development or staging environment to a production environment. If you only have one application, this option will not be available to you (because promotion requires at least two applications where you have the required permissions).
  • Delete. Deletes the selected flow and all previous versions of that flow. (More on that to come.)

We’ll explore each of these options in subsequent sections of this documentation.