Exporting User Data

Here are a few frequently-asked questions regarding the Console. Just click a question to reveal the answer.

The Console only exports information for the user profiles that currently appear in the search results. For example, suppose you just searched for all the users who live in the state of Oregon, and those profiles are currently displayed in the search results. If you export the data, your export will only include information about the users who live in the state of Oregon. Like we said, you can only export information for the user profiles currently in the search results.

So how do you export information for all your users? To do that, just make sure that all your user profiles appear in the search results. And to do that, select and delete any query currently in the Search for profiles field. With no query in effect, Console displays information for all your users. Export the profiles now, and you’ll get back data for each and every user in your database.

However (and this is an important however), before you export all your user accounts you should read the topic Exporting Profile Information.

When you export user data in the Console, you export the data currently shown in the search results. By default, that means you export the following attributes:

  • First Name (givenName)
  • Last Name (familyName)
  • Email (email)
  • Phone (primaryAddress.phone)
  • Birthday (birthday)
  • Created (created)

If you want to get back different attributes (such as primaryAddress.city and/or primaryAddress.stateAbbreviation), you need to reconfigure the search display so that those new attributes show up in the search results. That can be done by modifying the user_search_display_fields setting.

For information on modifying this setting, see Modifying the Search Display Fields.