Entity Types and Attributes

API endpoints for managing entity types (user profile databases) and the attributes that make up an entity type schema.


View Your Entity Types

View all your entity types.
  • POST

View an Entity Type

View detailed information for the specified entity type.
  • POST

Create an Entity Type

Create an entity type.
  • POST

Create an Attribute

Add an attribute to an entity type schema.
  • POST

Delete an Attribute

Delete an attribute from an entity type schema.
  • POST

Create a Validation Rule

Add a validation data rule to en entity type schema. For example, you might add a rule that limits an attribute to no more than 20 characters.
  • POST

View Your Validation Rules

View validation rules for an entity type schema. Validation rules help determine the data that can and cannot be stored in an attribute.
  • POST

Delete a Validation Rule

Delete a validation rule from an entity type schema.
  • POST

Assign a Constraint to an Attribute

Update the constraints assigned to an attribute. Constraints impose specific conditions on an attribute; for example, you mark an attribute as required meaning that a user cannot save their user profile unless that attribute has been set to a non-null value.
  • POST

Modify Your Password History Settings

Manage your password history/unique password enforcement settings. When password history is enabled, you can prevent users from reusing their last X number of passwords any time they need to do a password reset..
  • POST