Entities and User Profiles

API endpoints for managing user accounts and user profiles.


 View a User Profile

View profile information for the specified user.
  • POST

Search for User Profiles

Search for user account (e.g., all the user who live in Canada).
  • POST

Count User Profiles

Count the number of user profiles that meet the specified criteria (e.g., all the user profiles that have not been updated since June 1, 2020).
  • POST

Modify a User Profile

Update specific attribute values in a user profile.
  • POST

Replace a User Profile

Replace all the attribute values in a user profile with a new set of attribute values.
  • POST

Create a User Profile


Create a user profile.
  • POST

Create Multiple User Profiles

Create multiple user profiles with a single API call.
  • POST

Delete a User Profile

Remove a user profile. Note that this operation cannot be undone.
  • POST

Invalidate User Access Tokens

Remove all access and refresh tokens for the specified user. If the happens, the user will need to reauthenticate before they can do such things as access their user profile.
  • POST