Deployment Overview

Important. The content on this page deals with a legacy feature of the Akamai Identity Cloud (in this case, the JavaScript SDK). If you are currently an Identity Cloud customer and are using the JavaScript SDK, that SDK is still supported. However, if you’re new to the Identity Cloud the JavaScript SDK is no longer available. Instead, you should use Hosted Login for your login and registration needs.

For each new customer deployment, Akamai Professional Services will provision two distinct environments:

  • Development
  • Production

Depending on the Identity Cloud package you have purchased, a Staging environment may also be provisioned. All environments point to the platform’s production code, but non-production environments are hosted on separate application servers not scaled for production use.

Each Identity Cloud environment consists of:

  • Social Login application(s)
  • Registration application
  • User data storage
  • API clients and settings
  • Flow configurations

More information about these components can be found in the Registration Overview. Each environment may be configured for use with multiple properties and integration points.

The Development environment is used for configuration, integration, and testing during deployment and UAT (User Acceptance Testing). Akamai will also provision a reference implementation pointing to the customer’s Development environment. This working model of the JavaScript SZDK consists of a set of basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files hosted on an Akamai server at a customer-specific URL. The source files are also delivered as a .zip file to be used as a starting point for integration.

After the project kickoff, Akamai will provide technical training to the customer’s team on how to use the Console and APIs for configuration and how the reference implementation is set up. Once Akamai has provided access to the Development environment and reference implementation, the customer is responsible for the following implementation tasks. All application configuration steps may be completed in the Console or by using the Identity Cloud APIs.

Once the customer has completed configuration on the Development environment and signed off on Configuration Acceptance Testing, Akamai will then provision the Production environment and promote the approved flow(s) and schema(s) from Development to Production. The customer will need to complete some configuration steps outlined above for the Production environment, as well as update production code that is either pointing to the Registration UI or making direct API calls on the back end (server-side) to use Identity Cloud Production environment credentials. See the Production Launch Process section for more details.