Creating a Dashboard

This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

You can make a pretty good argument that Looks are the foundation of Customer Insights: after all, Looks are typically the place where you define your queries, where you select your visualizations, and where you filter your datasets. So if Looks can do all that, why would you ever need anything else? Well, we can think of one reason: Looks can only deal with one “thing” at a time. Do you need to see demographics information, login information, account deactivation information, and user registrations, all grouped by country? No problem: you just need to visit four different Looks, one visit for each type of information you’re interested in. And if you need to look at 20 different things? Well ….

But don’t fret: this is why Dashboards are so handy. After all, you can add all four of your Looks to a single Dashboard; do that, and you can see everything you need to see from the same web page. And if you’re thinking, “Wow, that would be nice; I wonder how you go about creating a Dashboard?” well, you came to the right place.

In this portion of the documentation, we’ll learn everything there is to know about creating dashboards, including such things as: