Copying an Existing Attribute

There might be times when you want to have attributes that possess same properties (e.g., searchable and required string attributes with a maximum length of 100 characters), but are intended to store different sets of data. For example, by default the user entity type includes a single attribute for storing email addresses: email. For many organizations that’s fine. However, other organizations might benefit from having additional email attributes, maybe one for a user’s personal email address (personalEmail) and another for the user’s business email address (businessEmail). The quickest way to create these two attributes? Copy the existing email attribute, something that copies everything from the attribute data type and case-sensitivity to whether or the attribute can be employed in Console searches.

To copy an existing attribute, complete the following procedure:

  1. From the Manage Schemas page, click the Actions icon next to the attribute you want to copy and then click Copy:
  2. In the Copy Attribute dialog box, enter a name for the new attribute:
    Note that, by default, the Console creates a name for the new attribute simply by appending _copy to the name of the attribute being copied (e.g., email_copy). You can either keep that name or, as shown in the preceding screenshot, create your own name for the new attribute.
  3. Click Copy to create the new attribute.