Copying a Flow from the Registration Flows Page

REST API Equivalent: You can use the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/copy endpoint to copy a flow.

To copy a flow from the Registration Flows page, complete the following procedure:

  1. On the Registration Flows page, click the Actions icon next to the flow you want to copy and then click Copy:
  2. In the Create a copy of dialog box, enter a name for your new flow:

    Note that flow names must be unique within an application: if you already have a flow named MyFlow then you can’t name the new flow MyFlow. On top of that, flow names can only contain letters and numbers, with one exception: the underscore character (_). As noted elsewhere, you can’t include spaces, dashes, commas, or other special characters in your flow names.
  3. Click Save.

Keep in mind that, from the Registration Flows page, you can only copy the latest version of a flow. If you want to copy a previous version of a flow, click the Actions icon next to the flow name, click Edit, and then, on the Edit page, click Show Version History.