"Building" an Attribute

If the prospect of using JSON to create an attribute leaves you less-than excited, here’s a thought: use the Console UI to “build” an attribute instead. To build an attribute, click the Create button and then click Create Attribute, just like you do to create an attribute by using JSON:

This time, however, click Build rather than Import JSON:

Clicking Build takes you to the Create Attribute page. On that page, enter a unique name for your attribute and, optionally, a description of what that attribute is used for. At that point, your screen should look similar to this:

Next, click the Data Type dropdown list and select the data type for your attribute:

After you select a data type, the page displays the validations and transformations appropriate for the selected type. For example, if you choose boolean, the Validations and Transformations section looks like this:

And, just for comparison's sake, here’s what you’ll see if you select the string datatype:

After the screen refreshes, select the desired validations and transformations. For the attribute we’re building in this example, we’ve selected the Required validation, meaning that users need to specifically answer true or false before they can submit a form that contains the attribute:

Once that’s done, click the Save New Attribute button to add the new attribute to the entity type:

If everything goes as planned, you’ll see a confirmation message in the lower right-hand corner of your screen:

More importantly, if you return to the schema home page you’ll see your new creation included among your schema attributes: