This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Viewer Developer

Boards provide an easy way for users to locate the Looks and Dashboards tof special interest to them. Although that description might make a board sound similar to a Dashboard (which makes it easy for users to locate the Looks that are of special interest to them), there are several differences between Dashboards and Looks.

  • A Dashboard can only displays Looks: you can’t add a Dashboard to another Dashboard. By comparison, a board can contain any number (and any combination) of Looks and Dashboards.

  • Dashboards are designed to show real-time data: when you access a Dashboard, you expect to see actual data:

    Boards, on the other hand, are strictly for navigational purposes; any graphics you see on a board aren’t real-time data visualizations but are, instead, icons you can click in order to access the associated Dashboard or Look:
  • Unlike Dashboards, boards can be individually displayed in the navigation pane and in the Browse  menu. For example:

In Customer Insights, you can create your own boards, and other users can provide you with access (either read-only access or read-write access) to boards that they have created. How does all this happen? That question, and many others, are answered in the following sections of this documentation: