Authentication API Overview

The Authentication API enables you to create and employ such things as authorization codes, access tokens, and verification codes. You can also use this API to log users on to a website or application, and by using either traditional logon or social logon.

The Authentication API includes the following endpoints:

Access Endpoints

The /access endpoints are used for obtaining codes and tokens that will allow you to perform specific actions on user profiles. For example, an access token will authorize you to access a specific user record without the use of a client ID and secret. Authorization codes may be used to obtain a new access token, or they may be used as one-time codes included in password reset links. Verification codes are used as one-time codes included in email verification links.

OAuth Endpoints

The /oauth endpoints may be used to develop a custom authentication and registration experience without using the JavaScript SDK or Mobile SDKs. An API-only integration built with these endpoints supports social login and registration, traditional login and registration, profile management, social account merging, and password reset and email verification workflows.

Endpoint Syntax

The Authentication endpoints use the following URL syntax:


To connect to your Authentication endpoints, replace {appId} with your Janrain Capture domain name and replace {endpoint}  with the desired endpoint. For example:

URI Parameters

appIdstringYesName of the app domain.