Adding Tiles to a Dashboard

This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

As we learned elsewhere, the elements that you add to a Dashboard - the charts, the tables, the messages, and whatever else can be added to a Dashboard - are referred to as tiles: if you want to display a chart showing user registrations then you’re going to have to create a tile to house that visualization. Admittedly, you also have to decide what kind of tile you want to use to house that visualization. But we’ll explain all that in a moment.

Before we do that, let’s talk about getting your Dashboard “tile ready” the first place. To add a tile to a Dashboard, you first have to put the Dashboard into edit mode. Fortunately, that’s easy; all you have to do there is click the Edit button:

After you’re in edit mode, you’ll see a tool bar that looks like this:

As you might have guessed, this tool bar is used to add tiles to the Dashboard and to configure Dashboard items. In the next few sections of this documentation, we’ll cover all these tasks, including:

When you’ve finished editing the Dashboard, click Done Editing to exit edit mode. Keep in mind, however, that changes you make to a Dashboard are saved immediately, regardless of whether or not you click Done Editing. For example, suppose you add a tile to a Dashboard and then, while still in edit mode, you go off to view a different page. When you return to your dashboard, the new tile will be there; as noted, changes are automatically saved as they are made. There is no Save button for Dashboards: saving just happens.